80s Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Stuck for ideas for your Christmas party? To follow on from our 1920's Gatsby Themed Wedding party blog we have come up with some ideas for an 80s themed Christmas party. Be it a work office do, New Years Eve Party or just a get together with friends we have some great ideas to get you inspired with an 80s theme!

80s fancy dress photo booth

80s Retro Clothing

If you are hosting or going to an 80s themed Christmas party you are going to want dress for the occasion. The 80s gave birth to some pretty amazing fashion trends and was home to many different social groups and stereotypes. There were punks, classic rockers, neon warriors, new romantics and trends involving lots of tight sportswear and leg warmers thanks to Fame and Flashdance. There are also some fantastic movies and TV to take inspiration from such as Ghost Busters, He-Man, The Breakfast Club, Karate Kid, The A-Team and my personal favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The best thing about an 80s themed Christmas party, except for the awesome party tunes, is the variety of costumes available to wear.

80s costume ideas

80s themed christmas party costume

80's Tunes

Of course the most important thing at an 80s themed christmas party is going to be the music and have we got the band for you...

Great Scott are one of the UK's best and most authentic 80s party bands. They play all the best tunes from the time in the style that the bands would have played them. With male and female vocals, keys, bass, guitar and drums they can pretty much cover any 80s hit you can think of! In their repertoire they have hits from Duran Duran, A-ha, Europe, Prince and more. They even do an impressive rendition of the Baywatch theme. Have a look at their video above. They also make sure they look the part by wearing authentic 80s clothing to fit with the look and style of the party.

80s Party Band

As well as the live aspect, the band can offer a mix of recorded 80s tunes between their sets so you don't have to worry about stopping the party when they take a break.

Another awesome 80s party band we work with are Boys of Summer from Essex...

80s Accessories & Hair

There are loads of accessories you can add to your outfit to make it truly 80s. These include leg warmers, bum bags, slap braces, big earrings and sunglasses, loads of colourful beady necklaces and lots of eye makeup. Hair in the 80s was big with lots of hairspray or mousse. For the ladies why not use a big scrunchy or sideways pony tail. For guys why not start growing a mullet in time for Christmas! Or if you don't want to be seen around the office looking like a throwback perhaps get a wig or go for the classic Freddy Mercury slicked back look.

80s themed costume

Christmas Party & 80s themed Decorations

Perhaps use some 80s toys as table centre pieces. It'll give your guests something to play with whilst they are sitting before their meal or while they chat. How about Rubiks cubes? Action figures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars and He-Man etc? You could also set-up screens around the room with some 80's movies playing like Gremlins, Breakfast Club or Labyrinth. What are your favourite 80s movies?

80s Christmas Party Ideas

Perhaps even put up posters of your favourite bands and movies from the 80's to decorate the room.

80s Party Decorations

Other 80s inspired ideas

Why not set up a nostalgia corner with 80s board games like Operation or Hungry Hippos for your guests to play. Maybe even set-up a sega master system or NES to get some retro video games on the go!!

So here are lots of 80s ideas for your christmas party. If you want to know more about Great Scott the 80s party band get in touch with us using the form below.

Our 80's Fancy Dress Party

We put all of our ideas into action and put on our own fancy dress party here - How to organise a 1980's themed Party & Charity event for Clic Sargent

80s fancy dress photo booth 80s fancy dress photo booth

Find A Band For Your 80s Party

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Or Start Looking At Bands

Popmania – Rocking London Based Trio

Rock and pop band from London

A trio of musicians based in London. Popmania offer their own rocking spin on music you'll know and love with a focus on catchy pop from now and the 80s....

80’s Tribute Band – Great Scott

'Great Scott' are a refreshingly new 80's tribute band. They don't over do the cheesiness of the 80's but revel in the cool of a fantastic era....


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