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To get in touch with us concerning a band for your wedding, party or event please use the following means.

Tel: 0800 448 0295

If you can give us as much information as possible that will help us speed up your request for a quote. Please include some of the following;

  • Event date
  • Location
  • Timing ideas
  • The acts name or description of the sort of thing you are after.
  • A little bit about the plan for your day so we can recommend ideas for music or extras that may suit.

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Booking a band for your wedding, party or event could not be simpler. Once we are all clear on your requirements for music and are agreed on the right band for the job we will write up contracts and take a small booking deposit. You can then pay the remaining balance in instalments before the day, as a bank transfer cleared before the event or as the full amount to the band on the night.

I kind of know what I'm looking for but don't know where to start?

The site is designed to be as helpful as possible when it comes to finding the right band. We have a search function which can help you pick out the type of band you are after, location, male or female vocalist etc. There are also tags on the right hand side of every page which take you to a page full of bands described by that tag.

Why should I book with The Band Boutique?

There are two main reasons. The first is quality assurance. All bands on The Band Boutique have been well vetted, recommended or discovered playing in venues throughout the UK. They are all tried, tested and trusted otherwise we wouldn't put our reputation on the line by working with them. Every band on the site has already performed at, at least 3 events for us. Some have played near there 100s.
The second reason is in the unlikely event of a band being sick or unable to make your wedding or event. This doesn't tend to happen but we have a massive directory of back-up musicians who can fill in for bands if someone is sick. We also have a massive catalogue of bands who can fill in last minute if needs be. To be completely honest our bands are so trustworthy we've only ever had one not be able to play. They gave us 6 months notice and we found an even better replacement for the same price! If you don't book through an agency you don't get this reassurance.

Can I see an act play live before booking?

This is often tricky. As the majority of our bands play strictly private events it isn't always possible to see them play live. Our musicians are all hard working professionals that are well rehearsed and on top of their game and play private bookings most weeks. This means it doesn't make sense for them to book and play less well-paid pub and club gigs. Every band's page has demoes, which are recorded live, and we have tried to collect as many videos as possible so you can get a really good indication of what a band is like before they play. Having said this it is sometimes possible to see a band before your wedding. The best thing to do is contact us and check if the band you want us anything coming up.

I'm worried about booking an act I've never seen live.

Don't worry! We've done the vetting for you. Every band on our site has been checked and have played other events for us with great feedback. There are genuine testimonials on all pages. As long as you pick the right genre of music for you, and we make sure all your requirements are met, we are absolutely sure you will be delighted with the band you pick from our site.

When you quote me what is included?

We include all travel, 6 hours at the venue (unless stated otherwise) and the particular set length for the specific band. This is usually 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minutes but shorter or longer set times are possible. Most bands also include full PA, and lighting too. There is never any VAT unless we specify and the total we quote you is the total you will pay. We don't sneak added costs.

How can I pay?

We accept deposit payments as a bank transfer when the contracts are signed. The act will usually take the remaining balance on the night in cash as a bank transfer cleared the day before the event.


How long will the act play for?

Most of our rock, pop, funk and soul acts play either 2 x 1 hours or 3 x 40 mins which works out perfectly for an evening reception lasting from roughly 8pm to midnight. Most bands can do more or less depending on your requirements. Most acoustic acts offer 2 x 45 minutes and other classical acts can play anything from 30 mins up to roughly 3 hours.

How long will the act’s breaks be?

Most bands will usually play it by ear on the night sometimes breaking over a buffet or other important points in the event's timeline. If the band is there for dancing it is often a good idea to have them break just before food has been taken out and until a little while after to give people enough time to eat before hopping back on the dance floor. Most breaks don't need to last longer than 10 or 15 minutes. They are usually just so the band can grab some water.

I'm booking a band. When should they start playing?

We recommend with dancey bands that you start after dark as it helps set the mood better. For a wedding or party it is often worth leaving a little bit of time after a meal so that guests who weren't sitting together can mingle. It also gives them a chance to get a drink and get ready for the dancing!! We recommend not rushing in to having the band start as more often than not guests like to have a mingle and a chat leading to a quiet dance floor for the first set.

How loud will the act be?

All bands test sound levels before they play and adjust accordingly to room size, audience numbers and vibe of the event. Acoustic acts are likely to be quieter so that people can chat if needs be. Rockier dance bands are likely to be louder as it helps with the atmosphere and means they can appropriately set sound levels with acoustic drums. All our bands are trained at working along side hotel sound restrictions. If you have worries or your venue has a sound limiter please let us know. All of the bands on The Band Boutique use appropriate sound levels for the situaion.

What will the act wear?

Dress code is very important to the look and feel of an event. To get a good idea of the sort of thing your chosen band is likely to wear have a look at their pictures. If you have a theme or specific style needed for your event let us know. All acts are able to dress according to your code.

What happens during breaks

All bands on The Band Boutique offer the ability to play an iPod or laptop through their PA during breaks. The majority can supply their own music to suit the bands theme. With these acts if you have specific idea for the music you want it is best to provide playlists on a laptop or iPod. Some include premixed music which means you won't need to hire an additional DJ. Other acts can provide full DJ services included in the package. If you have specific requirements or are looking for a band that provide a DJ then let us know.

Repertoire, songs & requests

Can we choose which songs the act will play?

It is always helpful for an act to hear a few suggestions when it comes to music for your night. Most acts will offer one or two requests included in the price, such as a first dance. Others charge extra for requests so it's best to ask us if you have a song you really want played. With regards to the bands repertoire list and what they already know, we usually recommend having a look and suggesting two or three songs you really want and two or three you really don't. Most bands usually play their set lists by ear on the night, playing more of what the audience react better to. It is often quite tricky to remember a full list of requests and can sometimes limit the band. All of the acts on The Band Boutique know what works well in specific situations and are very good at reading what sort of music audiences will enjoy so it's often best left up to them.

How many songs will the act play during their set?

We usually find acts will play between 30 and 35 songs in a 2 hour period.

Will the act learn a song that isn't in their repertoire?

Most of the acts on The Band Boutique are happy to learn a first dance or request providing it is in keeping with their usual style and is possible on their chosen instruments. Others can learn new songs for an additional cost. You can use our site search function to find a specific song and which band plays it if you want.

Act & venue requirements

Will we need to provide any equipment?

Most of the acts on The Band Boutique come completely self sufficient so you shouldn't need to provide any specialists equipment for any of them. Those who need amplification come with it and almost all acts who require it come with basic stage lighting.

How much space will the act need?

This depends on the act. An acoustic guitarist and singer should only need about 1 x 2 metres whereas a full 8 piece funk band will obviously need more like 6x3m. Most bands can make any space work but it is best to let us know if you have restrictions on space.

Does the act need a raised stage?

The acts do not need a raised stage area. It can sometimes make more of an impact at grand promotional or corporate events but with regards to most birthday parties and weddings it is not needed. From personal experience it can sometimes build a barrier between dancers and the band. Sometimes it is better to have the band on the edge of the dance floor which can add to a more intimate atmosphere. As long as there is a flat area which is big enough for the band to fit in it doesn't necessarily need to be raised.

How much power will the act need?

The majority of acts will need 2 or 3 plugs which would ideally be either side of the performance area. Soloists and duos will often only need one as the majority of acts bring multi-chord and extensions.

Will the act bring lighting?

Most acts will only provide basic stage lighting. There are a few bands on our books who come with full light shows. If you really want some dance floor lighting or have a large room to fill we find it is often best to hire lighting from an outside supplier. Let us know your requirements and we can see if the band can fulfil them. Most acoustic acts, soloists or duos don't tend to bring lighting for dinner or drinks reception style events.

Can we borrow the act’s microphone on the night for announcements and speeches?

This is usually absolutely fine. It is worth bearing in mind the time you want the act to set up and whether their PA will be ready for when you want the microphone. If you feel you want an act to arrive and set-up earlier than their standard time let us know. There is usually an additional charge per extra hour.

Our venue uses a sound limiter - is this a problem?

A sound limiter is a device installed by a venue which can cut the power to a band's equipment when the music or crowd noise goes over a certain volume for a certain amount of time. We've played weddings where some excessive cheering cut the power to the band so sometimes not good! For most acts this is not a problem as it is possible for them to play more quietly using brushes for drums. Please let us know whether a venue has a sound limiter and the db limit as soon as you do as it can could mean some acts aren't suitable for that venue. It would be worth checking with your venue on their sound limiting regulations before booking with them if possible as it can effect the type of band you have for your event.

Can your acts provide PLI & PAT certificates?

All acts have or can provide Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing certificates. We will need to know at least 3 months before the event as sometimes these may need to be renewed.

Do I have to provide food & drink?

Bands that are booked for evening events can often be away from home either on the road or at your venue for over 10 hours. This is usually over dinner time, so we ask that each member be provided with a hot meal or access to a buffet. It is usually best to time this immediately after the band is set-up or in an interval. You don't necessarily need to give them the same meal as your guests but it does need to be something more substantial than crisps and sandwiches. If you are to offer them some of your buffet please make sure there is enough time for them to queue and eat before they get back on. If your venue can't provide a meal for the band you will need to provide a meal subsidy of £10 per member so that they can buy food elsewhere. The band should be provided with water or soft drinks while they are at the venue. Afternoon acts don't necessarily need a meal unless they are there longer than 4 hours. If you can provide water or soft drinks that would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need to provide a changing room?

Most acts appreciate a room where they can eat, change and prepare for a performance but this is not always necessary. Tribute bands and bands with female vocals will need a changing room with a mirror and chairs to do make up and get in to costume. It is also worth bearing in mind that some acts may need to store boxes inside the venue if there is only public parking available.

Do the bands need me to organise parking?

If it is possible all acts will need parking spaces provided for them. The parking must be if possible close to the performance area so that loading and unloading can be quick. Not all venues offer parking on site. If this is the case all bands parking costs must be covered. Please check with your venue with regards to the parking facilities they offer.

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