Northern Quarter
London Party & Wedding Band

Electric Style

Folk Style

If you'd like Northern Quarter can offer their first set in a folky style. Check it out!

Fully Acoustic Wandering

For drinks receptions or corporate events the band can offer fully acoustic wandering performances.

You won't find a band like Northern Quarter anywhere. A unique and energetic 5-piece with a mix of instruments including sax, double bass, guitars, drums and male vocals. The band are incredibly versatile - they are like 3 bands in one. Depending on your needs they can offer an acoustic Mumford and Son's style sound, a rocking dance and hip hop set-up, and also a wandering fully acoustic band.

The band's lead singer is a world class front man often complimented on his ability to get even the most steadfast of chair dwellers up and on their feet and dancing before the end of their first set. The guitarist and sax player often get on the dance floor with the guests to party it up.

The band covers a wealth of different styles including funk, soul, pop, hip hop, 90s garage, Ibiza trance and cover it all with some super sweet sax solos! If you're looking for a mix of classic and contemporary floor fillers that'll get everyone up and dancing then look no further.

Electric and Folk Style Sets

One of the benefits of hiring Northern Quarter over many other bands is their ability to show off two different styles. It's like having two different bands perform for the price of one! We know it is always great to add variety to your event, so as standard for a wedding or party Northern Quarter offer both styles. Firstly electric, where they play pop and rock songs very similar to the record, and then their Folk style, where they put down their electric instruments and swap them for double bass and acoustic guitars. They channel their inner Mumford and sons to add a folky twist to popular hits, which always goes down a storm!

Their set list has been expertly crafted over years of trial and error. It always has a great reception with the bands audiences. All ages will be excited by the music they play, from the very very young to the very very old! There's something in there for everybody.

Wedding Service

Northern quarter offer 3 x 45 min sets as standard. This is more than the majority of bands offer. Let us know if you want even more live music than this though, and we can send you an additional quote. We usually suggest the time is split into 1 x 45 min folk set, and 2 x 45 min electric sets, but it can be the other way round if you prefer.

A standard quote from the band will include the following;

  • 3 x 45 minute sets between 8pm and 12am.
  • Arrival at 5pm.
  • Pre-set playlist between sets.
  • First dance learnt.
  • Fully PAT tested equipment, PA and lighting.
  • All travel costs.
  • All necessary insurances to perform at wedding venues across the UK.

Earlier Entertainment

In addition to their standard evening performance, the band are able to offer earlier sets for your ceremony, photo hour, wedding breakfast or drinks reception. So do let us know if this is something you would be interested in, as generally having one band play throughout the day is much cheaper than hiring in separate ones.

They can also offer fully acoustic roaming entertainment if you like with a line-up including mandolin, and trumpet.

London Based

Northern Quarter are based in Fulham, London so are ideally located for weddings in Oxfordshire, Surrey and Hampshire. They are willing to travel across the UK so if you would like to enquire please let us know the location.

If you'd like to see more from Northern Quarter and what they've been up to recently you can follow their instagram account ; @northernquarterlive


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