Ideas for planning a Festival Wedding

Music can be an important part of a couples history and memories, and often festivals, whether it be Glastonbury, Bestival or a smaller event like Latitude, can play a big part in that.  We are finding it more and more common that our clients are excited to bring a variety of music to their day and re-create the amazing atmosphere of their favourite festival. So today I'm going to give share with you some ideas for planning your very own festival wedding! Obviously music is the most important thing 😉 but I'll also be talking about some other great ideas that I have seen on my travels.


A Wandering Band in A Crowd Of People

I think that a busking style band during the afternoon drinks reception is a wonderful idea. It's the point during the day where guests can feel like they are just waiting for the wedding breakfast to be served, but a bit of entertainment can turn it into one of the highlights!  One of our most popular bands at the moment is Wanderlust (pictured above). See their video and find out more about them here. Some other great bands that would be perfect afternoon entertainment are The London Acoustic Project, The Boots  and The Cotton Piccadilly's if you want a super fun, tongue in cheek vibe.

If you can afford it, hiring a band for the evening as well will definitely continue the festival feel, just make sure you pick one that can carry off that 'Mumford and Sons' style! A band such as Classic Kanish, Great Scott or Uptown Folk can bring the best of both worlds by playing 2 styles of music. First they can do a folk inspired set, playing instruments such as double bass and banjo, and then for their next set they can play in an electric style to really get the party going!

Here's a good example of one of our festival styled bands - The Shapers.

Wedding drinks ideas


Watching your favourite band with a pint of cider in hand (I'm a poet and I didn't know it), is undoubtedly a key part of enjoying a festival.  So why not buy barrelled cider from a local brewery? We actually did this at our own wedding, admittedly we bought beer rather than cider, but it went down a treat! We bought ours at the Sixpenny Brewery which has one of the smallest pubs in England, and only has room for 17 people to stand at a time!

If you want to go a bit fancier, I really love the idea of 'Pimping your prosecco' that I have spotted lately. The picture I have included above is from a real wedding showcased on Love My Dress. I'd definitely love to get creative adding lots of flavours to my prosecco!

tipi wedding venue


Well, there's only one place you can have a festival wedding isn't there? A field! But you'll need a marquee or tent too! My favourite tents are definitely the giant hat tipi's pictured above!

wedding flowers in tins


Decorating a festival style wedding is pretty easy and also can come in at quite a low price. Bales of hay with blankets for seating areas, cute homemade signposts, pretty wildflowers in tins and lots of fairy lights!

wristbands for wedding guests


Festivals always mean wristbands, so why should your wedding-festival be any different. These wristbands from WedFest would make a really quirky and fun keepsake for your guests, and they'll also look great on the day!

I hope that little post has inspired you! Do get in touch if you are looking for music for your special day, we'd love to help!


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