Last Minute Wedding Bands Summer 2017

Hampshire wedding band

Are you looking for a last minute band for your wedding or party this year? Did the hubby-to-be spring an engagement on you, and you've rushed through wedding planning only to find all your favourite bands are already booked?

Or did a band pull out on you last minute? It's not common, but it does happen, and finding an alternative can be difficult if you're not protected by an agency.

Don't panic. We can help.

New Wedding Bands on Their Way!

We've been working hard the last couple of months putting together a bunch of new and exciting bands. Our aim - to create great sounding, reliable bands that use the same line-up week in week out, so you know you really are getting the best music possible at a great price.

If you're stuck for music, and want some suggestions, please sign up to our mailing list with your venue and date. We'll send you some ideas for bands as soon as we have all the new promotional material. We aim to get one ready by the end of April with another following for the end of May.

Each new band is rehearsing hard to be ready in time for this summer's wedding season. They are going to have fresh set-lists filled with new and classic tunes. They are currently free all summer, and itching to fill their calendar so will be on sale with introductory pricing.

Why not check out our other exclusive bands to see if they are free? There are still a few Saturdays left for summer 2017.

Zazu - Bright Based Wedding Band

Zazu wedding band from Brighton

The Skip Jacks - London based Folk and Pop Band

London based wedding entertainment

Northern Quarter - Surrey based Wedding Band

Northern Quarter on a wall

If you need any more help finding a last minute band or entertainer for your wedding please search the site and get in touch. We'll do our best to find you something great as quickly as possible.

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