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Cover Up are a London based cover band. Their full line-up includes 8 versatile and talented musicians offering female vocals, keys, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet and trombone. They also offer varying line-ups for differing venues and budgets.

Cover Up aim to keep your dance-floor full all night. They offer a large repertoire of songs including numbers from classic soul up to modern day pop.

Cover Up Line-up Options

The band offer three different line-up options;

  • The five piece. Perfect for smaller rooms or budgets. The five piece offer a great over all sound and the line-up includes, Female vocals, guitar,bass, drums and keys. Great for dancing!
  • The six piece. As the five piece but with the addition saxophone for stunning solos.
  • The full eight piece. Benefit from the awesome sound of a full brass trio at work. A full 8-piece band is a great spectacle and sure to impress guests or clients. As the 6-piece but with additional trumpet and trombone.

With stunning female vocals and a brass section to add that extra 'something' they are able to perform songs that smaller bands just couldn't perform to their fullest extent.

London Based Cover Band

The band are based in London. If you're wedding or event is outside of the M25 let us know a location and we will work out any travel costs and include these in your quote. The band have collectively been invited to play many well known London venues including The Dorchester, The Jazz Cafe and The Roundhouse to name a few.

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We'll text you when we've sent our quote to make sure you receive it!



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