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We've noticed a massive increase in the amount of festival weddings being booked throughout the UK and Europe. Popularity of bands and acts such as Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Avicii have got people in the festival spirit and wedding trends are definitely reflecting this. We can't count the number of enquiries we get each week for a Mumford and Sons style wedding band which is lucky as we believe we have the best in the UK. Here are our top 5 wedding bands perfect for receptions with a festival theme. Their line-ups include double bass, banjo, acoustic guitars, violins and more. In no particular order...

Classic Kanish, The Original Mumford & Sons Style Wedding Band

A folky wedding band on a road with banjo

Classic Kanish were the first Mumford and Sons / festival styled wedding band in the UK. They offer two distinct styles making them great for a wedding with a festival theme. It's like having two great bands in one. One representing the folky Lumineers style festival vibe and the other for the more Foo Fighters / The Killers sound.

The bands festival style setlist includes hits from Avicci, Coolio, Daft Punk, Britney Spears, Mumford and Sons and more. Each song is tailored and arranged to suit the array of instruments the band use which include, violin, banjo, double bass, acoustic guitars and drums. They also offer four great male vocalists which add to the sing a long festival vibe. The band offer up to 3.5 hours of live music for a wedding which includes both styles of music. They can also offer evening packages of just folk style or just rock and pop styles.

Check the band out here - Classic Kanish

The Flyaways

If you're looking for a bit of an Americana spin on your folky tunes then check out The Flyaways from London. They are one of the UK's busiest bands. As musicians they've played together for years only getting in on the wedding scene at the end of 2017. Since then they've had a very busy summer with lots of great feedback from clients.

Check them out here - The Flyaways

The Skip Jacks

The Skip Jacks are one of our exclusive Mumford and Sons style bands. They put their own folky spin on all sorts of pop and rock classics. You should check out their Taylor Swift and Adele covers. They are so talented that, if the occasion calls for it, they can end the night with some amazing 90s hip hop and indie classics.

Check them out - The Skip Jacks

Mumford Style Wedding Band

The Lion Men

I wonder where these guys got that name? The Lion Men are another band that offer two unique styles. The folky Mumford and Sons style with double bass and banjo and also a more indie style sound to end the night.

Check them out - The Lion Men


Our Brighton based band ZaZu! offer a mix of reggae, folk, hip hop, pop and more in a fantastical mix of sounds. The vocalist Roxi is amazing at getting a crowd going anywhere. They perform with awesome energy and enthusiasm and have rave reviews on their page. Everybody who's sees them loves them.

Check out ZaZu!


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