New Band Boutique Exclusive Bands!

We have been up to some very exciting things here at Band Boutique HQ over the last few months, and we are now really happy to have 2 brand new ‘Band Boutique Exclusive’ bands on our books!

We have noticed that there is a huge demand for Mumford and Sons style bands that also play a standard electric set, particularly over the summer months. The bands are all booking up about a year in advance so unfortunately this has meant that lots of couples are missing out on getting the style of band that they really want for their wedding.

So we decided to take action!  Last year we recruited some of our most trusted and talented musicians/friends, and asked them to hunt us down our perfect bands! Ollie and Andy from Mister Kanish and Eddy from Great Scott have all been plugging away to get us exactly the type of bands that our clients want!

Last week Andy’s bands finally went live on our site, and they are now available for hire! We asked for reliable, enthusiastic and talented musicians, and thats definitely what Andy has delivered.  Having spent the day with them for each of their promo shoots, we can safely say that both The Skip Jacks and Northern Quarter are exactly the type of bands our clients will be excited to have at their weddings! You can find out more about them in the links below;

The Skip Jacks

Check out their videos here

The Skip Jacks in a field

Northern Quarter

Check out their videos here.

Northern Quarter in front of a barn

The videos and photos were all shot at Caswell house, which is an amazingly beautiful wedding venue in Oxfordshire. Chris has played there with Mister Kanish on many occasions so we knew it would be a fantastic place to film! The staff and owners were great, letting us have a run of the place for the shoot.  The day we filmed Northern Quarter was one of the hottest days of the summer! The band were absolutely sweltering in their suits, but some of the staff kindly brought us a couple of big fans to cool them down a bit!  It really is a beautiful place and we'd definitely recommend it as a wedding venue!


We were lucky to have Rowan working on the videos and photos for us, and despite two VERY long and gruelling days, the footage and photos that came out of it are all fantastic!  We did all go out for a curry to celebrate once The Skip Jacks day was finished (at 10:15pm!) though I think we were all pretty much ready for bed at that point!  Here are some behind the scenes photos;

Exclusive band filming behind the scenes

Behind the scenes with the band

Since we released these bands last week we have had lots of clients interested in them, and they are looking like they will fast become some of our most popular bands!

We also recently partnered with the fantastic Rock N Roll Bride on a post with tips to help you get the most out of your wedding band. So that is definitely worth checking out if you are planning on booking a band. Also, if you are already a fan of Kat from  Rock N Roll Bride you may recognise the cute hair accessories Nicole is wearing in the Skip Jacks videos, as they are some of the accessories she designed for Crown And Glory. You can see the whole collection here.

Nicole wearing crown and glory hair band

So, you can see we have been busy bees, but watch this space, because we still have our guys hard at work with some more new bands in the pipeline, and we are even planning to get another video filmed in early October! I will leave you with a photo of Andy and I enjoying  The Skip Jacks!



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