Looking for something a little heavier for your wedding or party? Or maybe just to end a relatively poppy night with some Rage Against The Machine? All of the bands below either specialise in or include some awesome pop punk, heavy rock, and metal tunes in their repertoires.

Artists include Blink 182, Green Day, The Offspring and more. Sometimes the only way to sign off at a wedding is with Killing In The Name Of by Rage and these guys can deliver that! Some have even been known to play Slayer or System of a Down when asked.

Rock and pop wedding band

UK Wedding Band – Mister Kanish

Award winning quintet playing 90s hip hop, pumping dance, 50s rock n roll, modern chart hits and more in their own rocking style. Previous clients include Merryl Lynch, Williams Engineering, NotOnTheHighStreet, White Stuff, Holland and Barrett and Microsoft and hundreds of happy brides and grooms....

Rock and pop band from London

Popmania – London Party Band

A trio of musicians based in London. Popmania offer their own rocking spin on music you'll know and love with a focus on catchy pop from now and the 80s....

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