Top 10 Vintage Wedding Entertainment of 2013.

Are you looking for vintage styled wedding entertainment? An alternative to the usual wedding entertainment? Something completely unique and never seen before with a vintage twist? The Band Boutique have have been on the prowl for the best vintage wedding and party entertainment all over the UK and have come up with a top ten list of bands for the 2013 wedding season!

The Bands

The bands below cover all sorts of eras from the 20’s to the 80’s. Some play songs from back in the day and others play unique versions of popular classics and contemporary tunes on a crazy assortment of vintage instruments in style you aren’t likely to associate with the originals! Let’s take a look

Number 1 – Classic Kanish – Vintage Styled Wedding Entertainment from the South, UK

vintage wedding entertainment

This band play all your favourite tunes but on the instruments you wouldn’t expect! They use double bass, acoustic guitars, violins, banjos and drums and come up with their own vintage styled arrangements perfect for listening and dancing to at weddings. Songs from The Killers, Peter Andre, Britney, Ne-yo, Rihanna and more. Mixing gypsy jazz with the folk stylings of Mumford and Sons the band are guaranteed to have you and your wedding guests up and dancing. The band are also well known for their rocking end of the night sets where they upgrade their acoustics for electrics and really let the music out. A perfect choice for both vintage and contemporary wedding entertainment that can start your party slow and finish by blowing the roof completely off!

Classic Kanish | Mister Kanish

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Number 2 – Cafe Bohemia – Gypsy Jazz Wedding Entertainment from Manchester, UK

Gypsy jazz vintage style band

Cafe Bohemia are a gypsy jazz quintet playing a mix of instrumental and vocal lead versions of contemporary and classic funk, rock and pop. They play all the songs in an authentic vintage style. They are perfect for background music during the day and dancing in the evening. Available as a trio, quartet or quintet the band is made up of 2 x acoustic guitars, double bass, keys, drums and male vocals. If you’re looking for some relaxed vintage wedding entertainment that can get ramped up towards the end of the evening then this is the band for you.

Cafe Bohemia.

Number 3 – Belle – Vintage Style Band from Leeds, UK

vintage wedding entertainment

This band play gypsy jazz classics on an assortment of vintage instruments. The bands line-up is interchangeable and can include acoustic guitars, double bass, accordion, clarinet, trumpet, drums and male vocals depending on your requirements and how you want your evening to go. They can offer laid back gypsy jazz for outside on a sunny day or classic jazz and swing hits for dancing in the evening. Great for a more relaxed wedding with a vintage feel. They are based in Leeds but happy to travel for any wedding.


Number 4 – The Belles – 1940’s Female Vocal Trio

vintage wedding entertainment

The Belles are a female vocal trio from the UK. They offer the hits of the 40’s to backing tracks or accompanied by their band The Bevin Boys. If you are hosting a vintage wedding with a 1940’s theme then look no further. These ladies will provide the perfect entertainment for you and your guests. Based in and around London but they are happy to travel so get in touch today to book them for your 1940’s themed wedding or party!

The Belles

Number 5 – The Riviera – Manchester Based Wedding Entertainment

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A Manchester based band playing the hits of today in a quirky and vintage style. They are great for dancing or just watching and listening so would be great for a more relaxed wedding that is looking for some dancing later on in the evening. They are one of our more popular bands and have recently had a lot of air play on the Dermot O’Leary Show for their cover of Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.

The Riviera

Number 6 – Great Scott – 80s Party and Tribute Band

80s party band

The 80’s is very much vintage now! Or maybe you’d call it retro! Great Scott play the best party tunes from the 80’s. They are all about getting you dancing and singing to those songs you don’t even know you love (or don’t want to admit you love). So if you are after an alternative to the usual wedding entertainment and want something a bit vintage but still rockin’ why not try Great Scott!

Great Scott

Number 7 – The Iron Boot Scrapers – Vintage Wedding Busking Band

vintage style busking band

This Brighton based band are completely wacky! They play rock, pop, soul, funk, metal and anything else on an assortment of instruments while they dance around singing in lovely harmony! The Iron Boot Scrapers are one of Brightons best bands and a big hit on the vintage wedding music scene! They are completely unique. You’ll not see anything like them anywhere else so make sure you check them out!

The Iron Boot Scrapers

Number 8 – The Swingin’ Ninjas – Gypsy Jazz Busking Band

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Also based in Brighton this band have a very vintage sound. They can offer a trio of tuba, guitar, sax and three piece vocals for the day and can go all the way up to a six piece with double bass, drums and clarinet. Then if you want more you could include burlesque dancers and a three piece female vocal trio! This band can really cater for any event. From a chilled vintage tea party to a smashing evening party!

The Swingin’ Ninjas

Number 9 – The Charleston Charlies – 20s style wedding entertainment

20s style band

Completely outrageous tribute to the roaring 20’s, The Charleston Charlies are the perfect musical accompaniment to any 20s themed wedding. Playing all the hits from the time with costume and charisma! If you are after something truly show stopping then check out The Charleston Charlies. Playing old favourites such as Five foot two eyes of blue, The Charleston and Top hat white tie and tails you’ll be in vintage heaven with this great band!

The Charleston Charlies

Number 10 – Lipstick On His Collar – 50’s Tribute Band

50s band berkshire

A tribute to the 50’s perfect for any vintage or 50’s styled wedding reception. Great for dancing. Great for jiving! You’ll have lots of fun with this 50’s themed band who play the hits of the 50’s including La Bamba, Lets Dance and Lipstick On Your Collar. They recreate the sound of the 50’s perfectly with both male and female lead vocals. The can even organise 50’s music for between their sets so the party doesn’t have to stop when they do! If you are need of a 50’s style band for your wedding or party then look no further.

Lipstick On His Collar

Well that about raps up our top ten list of vintage bands for 2013. All bands are based in the UK and can travel so if you’re looking for alternative or vintage wedding entertainment for your wedding then please get in touch with The Band Boutique today.

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