Wedding Entertainment Ideas and Tips

The hardest thing for any entertainer at a wedding reception is breaking the ice and getting those first dancers on the floor. No matter how good a band is this sometimes proves tricky during the first set. Then, with the end of the night closing in, and the venue having to close up, the crowd call for encore after encore and there’s no time in which to play them. Here are some ideas given to us by some of our wedding entertainers to help the band get everyone on the floor earlier.

Tip 1 – Give them 45 minutes to an hour and a half to set-up and sound check (depending on the size of the band). Bear in mind that sound check should only take about 20 minutes of noise at the end of set-up. This will mean music will be at a good volume and all levels will be perfect.
Tip 2 – Try and make sure that the band can have about 15 minutes of break between their sets. This means guests can have a bit of a break from dancing allowing them time to have a bit of a chat, a rest and a drink. Most wedding entertainment will supply recorded music between sets so if you don’t want to stop you won’t have to!
Tip 3 – Allow for the first set to follow the first dance. This will mean a crowd should already be gathered around the dance floor ready to leap on and strut their stuff for the first set.
Tip 4 – Leave a little time between the meal and first dance so that guests have some time to chat to people that they weren’t sitting near during the wedding breakfast. It also gives them time to have a drink and also leaves a little time for the food to go down.
Tip 5 – See if you can make sure the bar is close to the dance floor. This isn’t always possible but means that dancers never need to go far.
Tip 6 – Bands don’t always need a stage. In fact this can sometimes build a barrier between them and your wedding guests. Sometimes it’s better to get the musicians in the thick of it though be careful to keep the ‘more wobbly’ dancers a safe distance away as there are often trip hazards!!
Tip 7 – Check whether the wedding venue has a sound limiter. While not all wedding entertainers need to be loud. It sometimes helps with the atmosphere if a band can play at a good volume and a sound limiter can interfere with this.
Tip 8 – Give the band a few ideas regarding music but ultimately let them choose. Good bands will know what gets people going best.
Tip 9 – It often helps if a few tables and chairs are cleared away before the band play. This works due to three factors.

  1. Some people find it difficult to leave their chair once they have found it. A lack of chairs means that the able bodied potential dancer will need to give their chair up for an older relative.
  2. The first few dancers won’t feel that they are being watched by surrounding tables.
  3. There’s more room for the more dynamic and flamboyant dance moves.
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