Wedding Music Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception One to Remember Forever

How do you come up with ideas for wedding music that will be music not only to your ears but your guests’ too? Here’s some inspiration to help you hit the right note. 

As your special day rolls into the evening and night, and things start to wind down — or hot up — it’s no longer just about the happy couple but the many guests at the reception and how to keep them entertained. After the meal is over and the speeches have wrapped, everyone wants to let loose and party. This is why you need to come up with some amazing wedding music ideas, so everyone’s not only happy but thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

There’s so much music out there, and everyone is so different in their tastes — so how do you know what to choose? You and your intended may well have your own favourites — but no one else might like them, especially as there will be different generations in attendance who most likely don’t appreciate each other’s musical tastes at all. Few things in life are as excruciating as having to sit through hours of music that grates and you just can’t stand, turning what was a great event into a nightmare you want to flee from. 

Plus — and possibly even worse — you don’t want your wedding band to sound like, well, a clichéd wedding band, demonstrating to your guests you have no individuality or flair. 

You want to make it a night to remember, in the right way, and provide sounds that get your guests in an even happier mood, wanting to hit the dance floor and strut their funky stuff. Here are some wedding music ideas to help you get in tune with your big night.

Top Wedding Music Ideas


Do you love folk music — and, more importantly, are your folks folky? Folk music is mostly easy-listening music by the people and for the people: straight-up, no-nonsense tales told through simple melodies and passed down through the generations — hence “folk”. 

Think Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and even George Ezra. Or get your hoedown on with some folky-styled renditions of your favourite pop songs with acoustic instruments playing original arrangements — double-bass, fiddle, banjo and mandolin!

Everyone can join in and be part of a folk-music performance, and there are no dazzling bells and whistles to add or detract from what’s going on. Folk music can revolve around just about anything, from love to families to drinking, work and even war — although you won’t want battles to break out at your wedding reception, so best give that one a miss

The Lion Men - Mumford / Festival Style Party Band


Great wedding music ideas are often based around retro tunes that take people back to different stages of their lives and the music they loved. They instantly remind people of the good times and make them aware of life’s journey and the pivotal point they are at, as the bride and groom — or brides and grooms — embark on a new and exciting path. And old doesn’t have to be ancient, right? Not when you take classic hits and put modern spins on them — and have everyone twirling around the dancefloor like crazy

The Camaros - Manchester based Retro Wedding Band

Indie Style

Express yourself with your individual, independent style and let your spirit — and those of your assembled guests — soar as your wedding day reaches its climax to the sounds of The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths and Kasabian. Indie is all about breaking free from the mould and making the music you feel like creating and performing — not what others, such music labels, want you to, because they think it will be popular and make tons of money. No, thanks — we’ll do it our way. If you’re a fan of Indie-style music and are considering it for your nuptials, it’s probably best if most of your guests are relatively young, as this is generally the audience this genre caters to.

Brighton based Indie Wedding Band Live

Brass Band

How about really shaking things up at your wedding party with a cool brass band that will have everyone swinging and jiving to thumping big sounds whose beat you just can’t ignore? They might not yet know it, but everyone, from the young to old and all those in between, love the thrilling sound of a brass band — and what better venue than your very own reception ballroom or hall? Let the brass resonate throughout the night, filling your reception with the sounds of a New Orleans jazz joint playing the songs you and your guests know and love.

Brass street band - London Party Entertainment

80s Band

Who doesn’t like 80s music? There’s something for everyone, whether it’s pop, rock, metal, alternative and other styles that defined one of the most creative musical eras of modern times. Wedding guests who grew up during this time will love the sounds of their formative years, as will older folk. Younger guests may even discover great songs and tunes they’d never heard before. The 80s — with such stars as Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi and Kenny Loggins — are always a crowd-pleaser, and especially at wedding receptions where you can get up and get your groove on.

Great Scott! 80s Medley - (Baywatch Theme, Don't Stop Believing, Livin' On A Prayer, Easy Lover)

Soul Band

Sweet soul music will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any wedding event, with its sublime blend of gospel, jazz and rhythm and blues delighting young and old and making them want to leap onto the dance floor and let the rhythm take them over. From past legends Aretha Franklin to Marvin Gaye and a host of other soul stars, this is one genre you can settle on and know you’ve hit the right note.

Midlands based Soul and Motown Wedding Band - Soul Engine

These are just some music ideas you can consider for your wedding. You don’t even have to stick to any particular style, but can opt for a band that covers a multitude and is bound to please an array of tastes. Whatever your choice, booking a band for your wedding will surely make it a night to remember forever.

London Based Party and Wedding Band with sax - Funk medley

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